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This project is in Alpha, please read the Disclaimer before use.

What is this project?

Gamified yield farming NFT and governance distribution protocol with the goal to passively reward and empower long term participants while creating tokenized tools to fairly distribute future projects to a decentralized community.

  1. Get METAL tokens from a DEX (i.e. Sushiswap)
  2. Mint METASHIPS in exchange for METAL
  3. Earn METAL every block from your METASHIPS
  4. Mint more METASHIPS, or exchange your METAL and repeat.

What are “METASHIPS” ?

ERC721 tokens with custom attributes and rarity minted on the Ethereum blockchain that generate (get distributed) an ERC20 token known as “Metal” every block (13.3s)

CONTRACT: 0x47Fc0d7148aba332c4267e2a508AC5eeb16C5a6d

What is “METAL”?

ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with a 1,000,000,000,000 total supply, the primary point of exchange in the Metaships ecosystem. In the early days of this project, spend METAL to mint new Metaships that will in turn generate you more METAL.

CONTRACT: 0xE1Ab817B1edA1B05785B731060658885c91acd89


To create a hybrid non-fungible token/yield farming mechanism that transforms into a well distributed “fair” governance protocol for use in future blockchain projects, while consistently rewarding/incentivizing users.

Brief examples of these later use cases (particularly once METAL’s total supply has been fairly distributed) include:

  1. NFT “Black Market” Auctions
  2. Metaship Airdrops / Raffles